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2-Week Marketing Refresh™


Is Your Marketing Hindered By?

Limited Resources

Outdated Design

Unclear Messaging

We understand, and we're here to help.


Our 2-Week Marketing Refresh™ is the fast track to new marketing materials. We empower you to share your organization’s story with tools that fuel success. And we do it all in 2 weeks!

If other projects or responsibilities constantly take priority over updating your marketing materials, this solution is for you. 


What's included?

The 2-Week Marketing Refresh can include all of these elements and more to complete your marketing mix:  

  • logo redesign
  • responsive website
  • brochure
  • sell sheet(s)
  • social page and posts
  • powerpoint template

Fresh design and clear messaging custom to your brand

Unlimited stock photos and illustrations

One year of web hosting

Why Mason Jar?

Specialized expertise is the key. We’re a team of seasoned professionals, each highly skilled in our disciplines—strategy, design, writing and programming—with a minimum of 15 years of experience in marketing communications. And we’ve been working together for nearly a decade. 

What's needed from you?

To achieve success, a minimum of 8 uninterrupted hours over two weeks is required at strategic checkpoints. This time commitment is essential to guarantee final delivery of your new marketing approach. Imagine finally crossing this big to-do off your list! 

2-Week Marketing™ Refresh Portfolio 



Increase brand awareness and change their customers' perceptions were IRSG's objectives for their Two-Week Marketing Refresh™. Through the process, IRSG transformed the professionalism of their organization and increased the number of their members and conference attendees. Mason Jar was able to breathe new life into the organization by suggesting a new word to represent 'S' in IRSG that was representative of their mission while maintaining the integrity of the group. The impact of IRSG's refresh far exceeded their conference expectations with a 20% increase in conference attendees, 23% increase in sponsorship dollars, 25% increase in membership along with a 40% increase in membership interest over last year.

I think it was a pretty unanimous agreement!! We have never had this much and quick of a response to something from our membership and key sponsors. So many many thanks to the Mason Jar team!!!
— Natalie, IRSG co-chair elect