How well does your marketing firm play in the sandbox?

This question was first introduced to me many years ago in a presentation given by Curb Crouser and 3M. Since then I’ve run into situations in which one vendor feels they are best suited to fill the proverbial marketing sandbox, forcing their input but it hasn’t been until recent that this issue has become more profound (which is disarming because there is plenty of work for everyone). 

 As a business owner several criteria may be considered when beginning a relationship. One criteria that we often find neglected is how well will this vendor play at my company sandbox? Although the question has Elementary connotations, the wrong choice has negative real world implications in the form of costly surprises and major time delays. Here are a couple items to present to potential marketing firms before beginning your relationship: ask them to put in writing that they will supply you with fully edible files at project completion if. If they are not willing to do this, politely withdraw your  interest in them. Tell them about existing relationships you have parentheses printer, videographer, etc. parentheses. Are they OK to work with them? If no why not? 

Explain to them why it is important to this relationship that they have amicable interactions with past, current and future vendors. 

Erin Mason