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Creative Solutions Achieving Marketing Objectives

AMPI Marketing Portfolio

Associated Milk Producers

The marketing team at AMPI receives many accolades for the smart creative they do to promote their organization. But when they need a different perspective or skill set they call Mason Jar Marketing. They've sought Mason Jar Marketing's expertise in food photography art direction, coordination, compositing and retouching as well as annual report and marketing collateral creative. The new marketing collateral Mason Jar Marketing created contributed to one corporate cheese account growing from $6M to $16M.

mason jar marketing_ONGOING_PORTFOLIO3.jpg

FirstLight Health System

FLHS is the wellness leader in the communities they serve. For the past 5 years Mason Jar Marketing has helped FLHS maintain this focus through a wide variety of communication projects. The project we designed above provided 280+ kids with a new bike helmet, and hopefully it results in one less child having a serious head injury. The success of this program was recognized in Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota's Trailblazer program, (click here to read).

mason jar marketing_anteagroup_masonjarmarketing.jpg
mason jar marketing_anteagroup_masonjarmarketing_shoes.jpg

Antea Group

As leaders in Environmental and Sustainability consulting Antea Group has built a robust marketing department. Since our first project with them in 2009, we have partnered to provide outside creative that builds awareness and energizes their consultants. 

The recent project above resulted in triple the number of visitors to their trade show booth, over $1200 was donated to a local charity and most importantly energized Antea Group's employees to start conversations with conference attendees. Our contact was thrilled! 

mason jar marketing_ONGOING_PORTFOLIO2.jpg

Centennial - School District 12

What makes a relationship with District ISD12 so impactful is that they are intentional with how they present themselves to their community and all of Minnesota. They engage with Mason Jar Marketing on a recurring basis to create their quarterly newsletter, annual report, back-to-school mailer as well as updates to their business system, brochures and outdoor signage. And because Mason Jar Marketing understands ISD12's brand they've engaged us for special projects like their Hall of Fame wall pictured above. What made this project a great success is that the design is equal form and function.     

mason jar marketing_barlowmccarthy_masonjarmarketing.jpg


The highly sought after consultants of Barlow/McCarthy regularly engage Mason Jar Marketing to help tell both their story and their client's story. The piece above represents the creative we do for various physician recruitment activities being conducted throughout the United States.

mason jar marketing_firstamericanbank_masonjarmarketing.jpg

First American Bank

The marketing team at FAB sought out Mason Jar Marketing to be the additional creative arms and hands of their successful efforts to promote "banking local". Their work with us has allowed them to focus more on providing great service to their customers.

Mason Jar Marketing was responsible for redesigning our menus which resulted in a double-digit increase of same-store sales company wide. In addition to increasing sales, the new design has been easily replicated by our internal marketing department saving us time and money.
— Jeannie, Marketing Director, Food Industry